English Branch Site List




Location: N/A

Site-0 is a containment Facility that does not exist, for the purpose of containment and research into Unreality.



Protected Site-01


Site-01, also known as Overwatch HQ, is a safe zone that acts as a data backup for all major Foundation facilities worldwide, as well as a secure meeting facility for O5 Council members and other high-ranking Foundation personnel. The location of Site-01 and all further details are strictly classified.




Location: Unknown.

Site-5 is a man-made island constructed to store hazardous materials, currently used for the containment of SCP-001, SCP-001-EX, SCP-1661, SCP-2193, SCP-2923 and SCP-3247.

This document has been altered by SCP-4182. Personnel are to be reminded that there is no Site-5.



Humanoid Containment Site-06-3

Location: Lorraine, Grand Est, France

Site-06-3 is a containment facility housing numerous low-risk human and humanoid entities, most notably several former Foundation personnel. Site-06-3 employs a multi-national staff, and was formerly located in the United States of America (Site-06) and Germany (Site-06-2) prior to the decommission and demolition of these prior facilities.




Location: Lansing, Michigan, USA

Site-11 is a large-scale Foundation facility consisting of an entire self-sustaining community, complete with residential housing, commercial businesses, and industrial/manufacturing facilities, as well as an extensive underground containment and research complex. The Foundation tracks all personnel and civilians within Site-11, and so the facility is often used as a safe location for personnel requiring additional security and protection.

Objects contained at this Facility are listed in its Secure Facility Dossier.



Protected Site-14

Location: Sacramento, California, USA

Site-14 is the primary hub for the SCP Foundation's Telecommunications Monitoring Office western operations, being their largest facility worldwide, with a staff of more than 1300 Foundation employees. It also serves as the location of the primary servers for the Emergency Services Anomaly Screening (ESAS) algorithm, responsible for parsing all phone calls made to emergency services in the western hemisphere.




Location: Santa Clara Valley, California, USA

Site-15 is a Foundation facility specialising in the containment and study of electric, electronic, and computer-based anomalies, within a building designed to blend in amongst the civilian tech companies of Silicon Valley. The storage and containment wings of Site-15 are electromagnetically isolated to prevent any interaction between anomalous electronics and the outside world. The Site also serves as the headquarters of the Foundation's IT department and Artificial Intelligence Applications Division (AIAD), managing Foundation databases and communications worldwide.





Site-17 is the second largest Foundation facility, primarily focused on the containment and study of low-risk humanoid entities, although the Site has additional capacities for the containment of inanimate objects, non-humanoid creatures, and higher risk anomalies. As per its main focus, Site-17's permanent staff includes a large number of medical and psychiatric professionals, to deal with the unique physical and psychological needs of both the contained anomalies and the on-site staff working in this challenging environment.





Site-18 is a relatively small facility, primarily used for the storage and testing of anomalous objects. The Site also has a biological sector used for the containment of anomalous animals.
Site-18 is not the Headquarters of the Department of Disinformation.





Site-19 is the largest and one of the most important Foundation facilities currently in operation, housing hundreds of Safe- and Euclid-class anomalies, some located within additional Facilities separate from the main Site. Site-19 also has dedicated laboratories for the processing and storage of Anomalous Items not warranting their own Special Containment Procedures. Site security is prioritized, since the danger of containment breaches is heightened by the large number of anomalous objects contained in one location. Despite these dangers, Site-19 staff are notorious for their casual approach to low-risk anomalies.



Storage Site-23


Site-23 is used to store inanimate objects, particularly those with anomalous metamorphic or transfiguring effects on biological entities. The Site also possesses facilities for the cryogenic containment of deceased or inactive anomalous entities, and for anomalous animal research. The Site is publicly known to be a biological research facility, although the exact nature of its work is carefully concealed. Due to SCP-3085, a small number of humanoids previously housed at Site-55 had to be relocated to Site-23.



Containment Site-28

Location: SoHo neighborhood, New York City, New York, USA

Site-28 is was initially established to contain SCP-602 within a former apartment building. Since then, this facility has been expanded into a containment facility specializing in anomalous artwork and artifacts, all while maintaining the appearance of an ordinary apartment building with commercial space at street level. Staff from Site-28 have also assisted in the containment of other New York anomalies such as SCP-2409 and SCP-4198, and with monitoring of the Backdoor Soho extradimensional Freeport.





Site-34 is the largest facility operated by the Spanish-speaking Branch of the Foundation. Serving as a regional hub for research and containment, the Site handles a wide variety of different anomalies, and also possesses administrative, manufacturing and medical facilities.




Location: Banaskantha District, Gujarat, Republic of India

Constructed around SCP-1135 and disguised as a military base, this facility specialises in theological anomalies. The Site also functions as a regional command facility for personnel operating in the area, coordinating Foundation operations across India and supervising facilities such as Adjunct Site-2498.




Location: Rural Tennessee, USA

Site-38 is an inanimate object containment site, primarily focused on the study of Group of Interest Alpha-388, the "Alexylva University". The Site's inland location has proven advantageous for the Foundation's Astronomy Department, and the Site has been disguised as a civilian observatory.




Location: Central Colorado, USA

Site-41 serves as the headquarters of the Antimemetics Division, which investigates objects and concepts that are anomalously difficult to remember or communicate. Site-41 is used for training, research and the containment of SCP objects that require experts in antimemes. A side-effect of its research is that Site-41 is often overlooked or forgotten, and so the "Site-41" designation has been used to refer to unfinished, abandoned or completely different facilities.



Research and Containment Site-43

Location: Ipperwash Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

Site-43 is situated one kilometre below sea level on the southeastern shore of Lake Huron, a Nexus of anomalous activity. The Site takes an unconventional approach to the containment of its low- to medium-risk anomalies, and also possesses research divisions arranged in a pseudoacademic structure and abatement refineries for esoteric substances.

Objects contained at this Facility are listed in its Secure Facility Dossier.



Research and Containment Site-44

Location: Essex, England, UK

Site-44 is a large facility situated beneath Foulness Island. Used primarily for research, containment and task force training but also handles administrative work, being the lead site for the Foundation’s operations within and around Britain. The area is publicly known MoD land, allowing Foundation activities to proceed without large concern of breaking the Veil. Notorious for its contributions to the cryptobiological sciences, hosting the headquarters of the Cryptozoology Division.

Objects contained at this Facility are listed in its Secure Facility Dossier.



Research Site-45

Location: Off-Shore, Western Australia

OSWA Research Site-45 is a armed facility built beneath the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia, with surface level facilities disguised as an oil rig. The Site is used to conduct the research and containment of anomalous objects away from a civilian populace and under armed guard. Site-45 also serves as a staging point for MTF operations within the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Objects contained at this Facility are listed in its Secure Facility Dossier.




Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The American Site-45 was established as a provisional measure to contain an abnormally high number of anomalous events in the Las Vegas district. The Site specialises in anomalies relating to religion and mythology, and consult on offsite anomalies such as SCP-2988 and SCP-3998. The Site itself consists of three connected structures. Site-45-A is disguised as an office building within city limits, used as a base for task forces and response teams. Site-45-B is a newer facility built to house personnel, disguised as a private mental care institution. Site-45-C is a subterranean research facility beneath Site-45-B, and handles the research and containment of SCP objects found in the area. Currently, floor 24 of Site-45-C is inaccessible due to SCP-1619.




Location: Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

Site-54 is a containment facility located in, around, and underneath the city of Leipzig. Specialising in the containment of those anomalies deemed "partially uncontainable", the Site's staff are heavily armed, highly trained, and permanently on edge. Featuring an extensive rapid-response vehicle hangar (with transport both normal and anomalous) and a wide array of holding cells, Site-54 is generally considered to be the Foundation site both best-prepared for the worst to happen, and the location at which said worst is most likely to occur.




Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Site-55 is the centre of the Foundation's research into Groups of Interest, lead by Dr. Jay Everwood. The Site's proximity to the extradimensional Wonder World!™ Location of Interest means that the Site is involved in the containment of a large number of Dr Wondertainment products, in addition to various objects with known or suspected ties to other organisations. The exterior of the Site is disguised as a food cannery, and it operates as one during daytime hours.




Location: Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA

Established in May 1972, Site-56 was intended to serve as the base of operations for the enactment of the Kraken Protocol within the American Southwest. Over time, Site-56 took on increasing responsibilities, eventually transitioning into one of the largest containment and administration sites in the US, responsible for select offsite anomalies such as SCP-5994 and SCP-5952. However, recent Overwatch audits suggest its expansion has surpassed its budgetary and logistical limitations, and personnel frequently cite its "labyrinthine" structure as a detriment to day-to-day operations.



Dimensional Site-62


Formerly Provisional Site-62, this facility was built around and within SCP-004. The facility was eventually expanded to house other objects requiring high-security Dimensional Containment, back up critical Foundation data, and provide an external reference point for detecting and reporting reality shifts.



Storage Site-64

Location: Forest Park, northwest Portland, Oregon, USA

Located approximately 0.5 km underground, Site-64 is a low to medium-security storage facility. It primarily houses anomalous art and paratechnology confiscated from various groups operating in Oregon, with a particular focus on the Three Portlands Freeport and the Boring Nexus. This has resulted in many collaborations with the Unusual Incidents Unit of the FBI and with the Boring-based Wilson's Wildlife Solutions.

Objects contained at this Facility are listed in its Secure Facility Dossier.




Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

Site-65 is located in the prairie fields north of Saskatoon, a scenic location chosen for its isolation and vast flat area. The Site operates as a cement factory, and forms the SCP Foundation Saskatchewan Operational Region along with Site-177 and Site-AE7.

For further information, see the official orientation pamphlet.


Biological Containment Site-66


Originally built as Provisional Site-66 around SCP-1479, Bio-Site-66 has been built in and around a former coal-fired power plant, expanding the facility to contain and research a wide variety of biological and organic anomalies.




Location: Texas, USA

Site-73 is a facility within a converted office building, designed for the containment and study of inert, Safe-class, or otherwise benign anomalous objects, including the analysis and storage of deceased specimens. The Site also manages satellite facilities such as Storage Location 73-E.



Reliquary Research and Containment Site-76


Site-76 is a major containment site located in the United States of America, housing a large number of anomalous objects presumed to be man-made. The Site is one of the oldest American facilities still in operation, located within former US government buildings.



Storage Site-77

Location: L'Aquila, Abruzzo, Southern Italy

One of the Foundation's largest storage facilities, Site-77 was initially built in 1924 in southern Italy and served as an Italian containment facility until the second World War, when it was damaged by Allied bombing and subsequently destroyed by a containment breach. Site-77 was taken over by the Foundation and rebuilt in 1944.

Objects contained at this Facility are listed in its Secure Facility Dossier.



Research Site-79

Location: Tokushima, Japan

Site-79 is a facility constructed outside the Yumegēmu Nexus, a location with anomalous properties themed around video games, logic puzzles, and dream logic. In addition to containing Nexus-58, the Site specialises in studying anomalies related to games, dreams, and the Oneiroi Collective.



Research and Containment Site-81

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Located beneath Lake Monroe, Site-81 is the primary hub for anomalous activity in the United States Midwest. Initially founded as an expeditionary site to monitor SCP-2812, Site-81 has since grown to become one of the largest sites in the region. Located within is the Foundation's Classifications Department, as well as a massive Mobile Task Force deployment post.

Objects contained at this Facility are listed in its Secure Facility Dossier.




Location: Lyndhurst, New Jersey

Originally established as Provisional Site-83 for the containment of SCP-5967, Site-83 primarily houses Euclid and Safe class anomalies, and so has a more relaxed staff than other Foundation Sites. There are a few Keter and Esoteric class anomalies contained within, under the jurisdiction of higher-clearance staff. Departments on Site include Nomenclative Research, Multiversal Cartography, and (at least in theory) the Theoretical Anomalies Department.




Location: Northern Territory, Australia

Bio Site-84 is a remote facility in the Australian Outback near the town of Alice Springs, used for the containment of anomalous animals, both native to Australia and imported in from other facilities. Despite being located in a desert, the facility is capable of simulating and sustaining more temperate habitats within underground containment chambers.



Research Site-87

Location: Douglas County, Wisconsin, USA

Site-87 is a research site, established in September 1976 to oversee containment of a minor anomaly in the town of Sloth's Pit (pop. 17,291 as of 2020). In that same month, researchers discovered that Sloth's Pit was a highly active Nexus, an inhabited zone with a high concentration of anomalous phenomena. Site-87's civilian front is S & C Plastics, and it possesses its own Task Force— Sigma-10, "The Sloth's Arm", for containment of anomalies within city limits. Citizens of Sloth's Pit are considered E-Class Personnel, and have knowledge of the Foundation insofar as 'a research organization is monitoring the town'. The primary goal of Site-87 is to research and catalog anomalies in Sloth's Pit, such as SCP-4040; however, it is also the headquarters of the Department of Multi-Universal Affairs, Nexological Studies, and serves as regional command for the Midwestern USA.

A catalogue of incidents that have taken place at Site-87 and within the Sloth's Pit Nexus zone can be found in the "S&C Plastics" Archive.



Humanoid Containment Site-88

Location: Central Baldwin County, Alabama, USA

Site-88 houses many humanoid SCP objects, along with several high value anomalous items, as well as serving as a base for Foundation operations throughout the Gulf Coast Region of the Southern United States. While research is not a primary focus of the Site, it has the capacity for it and has overseen many projects related to its occupants.

Objects contained at this Facility are listed in its Secure Facility Dossier.



Xenobiological Research and Containment Site-91

Location: Yorkshire, England, UK

Established as Provisional Site-91 in 1986 shortly after the discovery of SCP-4612 in the substructure below a manor known as Eckhart House. The Site was fully commissioned by Overwatch command the following year and was expanded into a full containment facility, research lab and library focused on the containment and analysis of xenobiological specimens, with a secondary focus of the development of thaumaturgical countermeasures and containment of thaumaturgical artifacts. The Site serves as the primary station for MTF-Beta-777 (“Hecate’s Spear”).



Dimensional Research Site-98

Location: Philadelphia, Pensylvannia, USA

Site-98 develops and innovates the bleeding-edge technologies that enable the Foundation to contain, analyze, and research various anomalous threats endangering the world, all behind the front of NASA research. Site-98 is often considered to be the most technologically-advanced research facility in the Foundation.

Objects contained at this Facility are listed in its Secure Facility Dossier.



Biological Containment Site-103


Site-103 possesses extensive facilities for the containment and research of plant and plant-based anomalies, and also serves as the base of operations for MTF-Theta-4, "The Gardeners". This sprawling complex of glasshouses and laboratories has been disguised as an institute for research into non-anomalous plants.



Biological Research Site-104


Formerly Provisional Site-104, this facility covers an area of more than 10 km, operating under the guise of a wildlife preserve for endangered species. The Site focuses on the containment and study of biological anomalies too large or too numerous to be contained in conventional facilities, although a number of greenhouses and indoor enclosures have been constructed within its perimeter to hold smaller anomalous organisms.



Storage and Surveillance Site-106

Location: Southern Miami, Florida, USA

Site-106 consists of several facilities. The primary building serves as the logistical base and headquarters of the Department of Procurement & Liquidation, which specializes in acquiring and containing anomalous items through semi-legitimate financial means, including the purchasing of individual objects and corporate entities. The rest of Site-106 is made up of containment warehouses for the items acquired, as well as a storehouse for its Anomalous Item Request program. Anomalies contained at Site-106 range from "cursed items" procured at estate sales, to the remnants of an occult corporation, to the assets of a bank intimately tied with the more anomalous aspects of Florida.



Research and Reliquary Dimensional Containment Site-120

Location: Częstochowa, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland

Built atop SCP-5292, Site-120 specializes in thaumaturgic, ontokinetic, and theological anomalies, utilizing unusual methods to contain them. Being one of the few Sites actively encouraging the usage of the anomalous, it acts as the main observation point for the Free Port of Esterberg. During its numerous years of operation, Site-120 has been noted to be among the most loyal Sites to the Foundation-wide rehabilitation program, in accordance with Directive Alpha/1911.

Objects contained at this Facility are listed in its Secure Facility Dossier.




Location: Yavapai County, Arizona, USA

Site-169 is home to the Foundation’s only dedicated facilities for recreational activity. Overseen by the Anomalous Entity Engagement Division, anomalies are given temporary or extended stays at Site-169 as part of corrective procedures or positive reinforcement. Site-169 has successfully hosted a variety of recreational events since its establishment in 1986, including yearly birthday parties, multiple Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and of course the infamous Star Wars Viewing Party of 2011.




Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Disguised as a shipyard and naval research facility, Site-184 serves two purposes simultaneously. As the main Research & Containment Site on the east coast of Canada, the Site hosts cutting-edge facilities such as the Applied Metaphysics Research Laboratories, innovative Aquatic Anomalies facilities, and an Anomalous Art & Artefacts wing, in addition to supervising several satellite sites such as Mobile Site-184/A. As the primary command center and shipyard for the Foundation’s naval presence in the North-West Atlantic, the Site oversees ocean-based Search & Rescue, Salvage, Anomaly Containment, Force Projection, and Research operations. The responsibility for balancing these two (at times conflicting) structural frameworks currently falls on Site Director Barrett.




Location: Hungary

Site-228 is a major Central European containment facility, one of the first Foundation facilities to be located in Hungary. It was originally designed for humanoid containment, but following modernization it is now also capable of containing sapient non-humanoid entities.




Location: Outside Birmingham, Alabama

Site-234 is the Foundation's center for the containment of Microbiological and Biochemical anomalies, disguised as pharmaceutical research laboratories. One of the Foundation's youngest facilities, constructed in the fall of 1983, and also one of the largest, containing more than 200 anomalies, housing 1000 personnel on site, and employing another 8000 that commute in from the surrounding area. To enable biohazardous anomalies to be safely studied, the facility possesses laboratories built to various Biosafety Levels, including laboratories built to BSL-4 standards, allowing even the most infectious anomalous pathogens can be safely studied. The Site also serves as the base of operations for MTF-Chi-7, the "Plague Tamers".




Location: Minnesota, USA

Site-246 is located beneath Lake Superior and was the regional command site for the North American Great Lakes operations area until the establishment of Site-87. The Site was later reactivated to serve as the headquarters for MTF Delta-3 ("Solomon's Hand") as part of the Special Asset Task Force Program. After Delta-3 was disbanded following the loss of its primary special asset, Site-246 was downgraded once again and is now mainly used as a training center, submarine drydock, and underwater research facility.




Location: Multiple:

  • Upper Troposphere ("The Hub, Site-300-01")
  • Northern Territory, Australia ("Site-300-12")
  • Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia ("Site-300-14")

Site-300 is the collective designation given to 3 facilities located across Asia and Oceania. While Site-300 mostly specializes in the creation and use of anomalous weapons, its operations vary, as its unique features are useful for the transport of anomalies.

It is the headquarters of the Department of Applied Thaumatology and is the Foundation's main hub for militaristic operations within Oceania.




Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Site-322 specializes in the containment of sapient anomalies, as well as monitoring select offsite anomalies. Its unique contribution to the Foundation is its Integration Program, inspired by the discoveries of SCP-5031, which employs anomalies for their various abilities should they be found useful to the Foundation.




Location: Minecraft, multiple servers.

Site-418, the Foundation's first (and currently only) virtual containment facility, is built within the popular video game Minecraft, and is responsible for containing anomalies that are difficult to contain in the real world, such as informational para-organisms, as well as monitoring organizations and anomalies of concern that exist within Minecraft and the surrounding community. Most containment, experimentation, and maintenance work at Site-418 is done by the Minecraft Division, a division of the Foundation that specializes in containment and research relating to Minecraft.




Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Site-666 is a large-scale research, containment, and staging site, publicly known as the Luxor Hotel and Casino. The Site lies within the anomalous hotspot of Undervegas, anchoring the Las Vegas Strip to baseline reality. The Site primarily deals with anomalies in the Las Vegas/Paradise region, but occasionally serves outlying areas. Due to its unique position, Site-666 heavily utilizes mutually-beneficial agreements with anomalies, including their employment, and other forms of "creative containment".




Location: The Looped Square Symbol (⌘)

Site-⌘ (otherwise known as SCP-⌘) was created by the Department of Surrealistics through unknown means (or vice versa) to serve as its base of operations and primary containment site.

Site-⌘ is contained. Site-⌘ has breached containment. Site-⌘ has devoured the world.



Extrasolar Site-Anvil

Location: TRAPPIST-1e (Aachen)

Extrasolar Site Anvil is the first permanent human outpost established outside of the Solar System, located 39 light years from Earth in the TRAPPIST-1 star system. Site Anvil was established by the Damocles Initiative to serve as a starship staging point, and to ensure the continued survival of the human species even if planet Earth is destroyed.

English Branch Area List



Armed Reliquary and Containment Area-02


Area-02 is a remote facility whose primary purpose is to contain highly dangerous, hostile, or otherwise hazardous anomalies, including multiple Keter-class objects. In addition to a battalion-strength security detachment, Area-02 is also equipped with multiple nuclear fail-safes as a final option in the case of a catastrophic breach or loss of containment. This facility is heavily involved with the Foundation's ongoing engagement with a resurgent Sarkic Empire.




Location: Great Basin Desert, Central Nevada, USA

Area-09 is a facility located just outside the small reservation community of Duckwater. This remote facility serves as the headquarters for the Emergent Threat Tactical Response Authority (ETTRA), the Foundation department responsible for finding innovative solutions to the threats posed by hostile Groups of Interest.

Further Reading on ETTRA:


Biological Research Area-12

Location: Disclosed only to relevant personnel
Serving as the Foundation's premier bio-research facility, Area-12 manages many satellite instillations across one of the largest areas of land currently under Foundation control. Hidden beneath the guise of an NSA Radio Quiet Zone the land was sought for its real estate in bio-experimentation, pure creation & purpose, and its highly remote status; ensuring the secrecy of the primary underground mountain facility and the safety of the general public in the event that one of the facility's many (seemingly overabundant) contingencies are to be utilized.
Area-12 contains primarily Low-to-Medium Risk, Safe & Euclid-class anomalies through divisions such as Parabiology & Rhizospherics and Parazoology. Preferring to only manage High Risk, Keter-class objects when absolutely necessary to relevant research projects. Typically managed through divisions such as Humanoid & Esoteric Research and Metamemetics.

Look down. Look deeper. See through what hides in the nothing and let yourself pass through it. Look up. Look higher. See through the lie of pain or suffering and let yourself trancend it. Look within. Look within. See through yourself and ask…


Armed Biological Containment Area-14

Location: Ruby Mountains, Nevada, USA

Area-14 is a dedicated facility for the containment of large-scale, dangerous, and/or hostile anomalous entities, and as such is staffed with a regiment-strength security detachment as well as heavy weapons, armored vehicles, and air support. The facility serves as the primary station of MTF Nu-7 (“Hammer Down”).



Reliquary Area-27

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Area-27 is an underground facility beneath the Saint Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica. Area-27's main purpose is to serve as both headquarters for the Department of Tactical Theology and as emergency quartering in the case of a large-scale K-Class Scenario. The site is also used to contain primarily religiously-orientated anomalies and to develop theological weaponry.



Lunar Area-32

Location: Mare Imbrium, The Moon

Consisting of several floors beneath the lunar surface, and built around the ninth destination point of SCP-120, Lunar Area-32 is a facility used to contain immobile anomalies present on the lunar surface, or for anomalies that are significantly less hazardous to contain outside of Earth’s atmosphere.




Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Formerly Provisional Containment Area-179, created for the containment of SCP-1179, Area-179 stores and researches recovered anomalous objects and also supervises nearby Sites such as Site-5076-1.




Location: Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

Area-314 is a research, containment, and administrative facility, located a few hours out from Iqaluit, Nunavut. Originally an overbuilt warehouse in the frozen desert of northern Canada, Area-314 serves as the headquarters of the Accounting Department and is the hub for most research, development, and application of esoteric financial assets.

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