Nx 19

Nexus Interaction Procedures: The Department of Extraversal Affairs is to maintain control.

Description: Nx-19 is Lake Riddle in the Wyoming section of Yellowstone National Park. The

  • Buffalo Bill
  • Ane Oakley
  • Butch Cassidy
  • Billy the Kid
  • Bass Reeves

Addendum-1: The Riddle Accord
The following is a set of documents on the subject of ASCI.


In the aftermath of the Civil War, our Initiative has been left in shambles.

Riddle Distillation Company

Using land provided to me after the war, I have created a distillery in Riddle, Wyoming to create whisky that can be sold to fund our operations. The Initiative's chain of saloons, including Riddle's own Saloon 19, shall work to distribute our products throughout the country.

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