Site 03

SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Intercontinental Mass Research and Containment Facility

Site Identification Code: AEMSA-Site-300

General Information

Founded: Test

Founding Director: Ogma Delbáeth V

Location: Multiple:

  • Esterberg, Poland (Site-03-A)
  • Northern Hy-Brasil ("Site-03-B")
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia ("Site-03-C")

Intended Purpose: Research, Containment, Fae Relations

Staffing Information

Site-03 refers to a set of facilities linked by Rosen-Fortune gateways.

Head Director: Abrasha Sokolsky
Asst. Director of Site-03-B: Dr. Ogma Delbáeth

Site Layout

Historical Debriefing

Ad Aeternam / Carpe Diem

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Built in Wellington, New Zealand on 1987, Site-300 was initially a compact research and containment site lacking subdivisions, assigned with the objective of researching as a result of the Foundation's increment in thaumaturgic studies and diplomatic affairs, mostly centered around GoI-008 ("The Earthly Seraphim"). GoI-008 was a hostile force which hosted extensive knowledge regarding paratechnology and thaumatology, openly threatening the Veil. As the collective's technology was considered to be beyond the Foundation's understanding, it was deemed extremely difficult to contain, and thus, operations consisted on keeping it at bay.

Operations were directly commanded by Site-300's emergent Tactical Intelligence Division which, by recollecting insight regarding GoI-008, became able to infiltrate an agent within the collective, otherwise known as Agent Tiān. Through this method, the TID became capable of understanding GoI-008's paratechnological constructs and thaumatological ritualistics, which led to the hijacking of intelligence by Tiān. Hijacked machinery and studies were recollected by the TID, leading to the creation of the Department of Applied Thaumatology, established by Lieutenant Catherine Campbell.

However, soon enough the Foundation's actions began taking effect as MTFs began operating within nearby communities to assault and steal potential objects and studies, followed by the robbery of paraweaponry and eigenweaponry. The recent DoAT commanded several engines such as the Requet Anti-Thaumatological Engine in order to weaponize them against GoI-008, prior to amnesticizing the entirety of the collective. This led to the creation of the first HOVERCraft Engine. However, it was never used, as Overwatch Command immediately banned usage of paratechnology and thaumaturgic rituals by personnel, confiscating most objects and phenomena.

Thereafter, GoI-008's operations began decreasing in activity. This phenomenon led to the creation of new subdivisions. Through the understanding of GoI-008's operations, studies and knowledge, Requet's New Laws of Thaumatology were formed and personnel was mass-selected into the DoAT in order to accelerate the research.

Following the passing of Site Dir. Robert Requet on 2017 due to cancer, Site-300's Department of Applied Thaumatology began impulsing its operations by combinating paratechnology and thaumaturgy, impulsing the development of the PARATECH Division.

However, in 2022, a widescale breach of SCP-5671's containment occurred shortly afterwards, resulting in the infection and/or termination of 34% of the personnel at Site-300-14.1 Following this incident, additional resources were provided to Site-300. This meant a significant halt in the DoAT's operations.

Following this incident, GoI-008 raids began becoming more prominent as their main structure was recovering. To combat the emergent attacks on Site-300, a vote between the O5 Council and the Ethics Committee was conducted in order to lift the ban on the use of paratechnology and thaumatology by personnel. This led to the recreation of the Department of Applied Thaumatology.

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By direct order of Lt. Campbell and Dr. Abbett, the HOVERCraft Engine was finished and used in order to lift Site-300-01 onto the Upper Troposphere2. While in the beginning it only comprised of a minority, the DoAT grew to include at least 56% of all Site-300 personnel, and Site-300 became it's main hub of operations and headquarters.

The main goal of the DoAT is to research and contain thaumaturgic and paratech anomalies, and if possible, to weaponize them for militaristic purposes, engaging in conflict between hostile forces, as well utilizing it for the neutralization or containment of Veil-threatening anomalies.

We do not die in the dark so that you live in the light. For we light a torch in the dark, so that we can fight the darkness that roams your sunlight.
— Dr. Victoria Requet

Anomalies Under the Jurisdiction of Site-300

ID Number Object Class
SCP-5671 Keter
SCP-5938 Euclid
SCP-6047 Euclid
SCP-6175 Euclid
SCP-6225 Pending
SCP-6790 Safe

Additional Staffing Information

Site-300, while composed by multiple interconnected sites, is known for hosting said departments within each subdivision. All activities are supervised by a team of overseers, at the exception of both the Department of Applied Thaumatology, with the respective on-site overseers being located within Site-300-01 specifically.

Each department is led by a "department foreman" otherwise, whose in situ activities are monitored by each subdivision's overseer team. Department foremen mostly consist of personnel with past experience within their departments, monitoring most personnel's activities within their assigned department. It is to be noted that the following departments, at the exception of the DoAT, are liaisons and therefore none of them have official headquarters within Site-300.

Applied Thaumatology
Department Foremen: Several (See below).
Description: The Foundation's military supporter. Focuses on the creation of new thaumaturgic paraweaponry with strategic purposes, mainly supplying the Department of Applied Force and Task Forces with firearms modified in order to offer the most effective results in the battlefield.
Applied Paratechnology Militaristic Thaumaturgy Applied Strategy
Department Foreman: Dr. Cameron Abbett Department Foreman: Dr. Matthew Chen Department Forewoman: Lt. Catherine Campbell
Applied Paratechnology focuses in the creation of anomalous technology and paraweaponry in order to later undergo a process of thaumaturgic application. Serves as the base for weaponry manufactured by the DoAT. Militaristic Thaumaturgy focuses on the application of thaumaturgic phenomena onto paraweaponry, such as rituals or symbols. Serves as the DoAT's primary weapon enhancer. Applied Strategy focuses in the application of strategic methodology on operations that include the DoAT in order to improve an operation's success and efficiency.

Technical Support
Department Foreman: Technician Valentine Quentin
Description: Site-300's introductory branch. Serves as aid in other departments and support for newcomers. Also serves as the site's technical service, mostly fixing any issues within Site-300's subdivisions, such as infrastructure problems and/or power failures.

Logistics and Transport
Department Forewoman: Dr. Samantha Abbett
Description: Site-300's primary transportation system, moving anomalies and resources between subdivisions and sites when necessary. Also serves as an administrative organ that controls the use of the site's available resources and production factors.

Department Foreman: Dr. Damir Samaras
Description: Studies ontokinetic3 anomalies in order to use them for specific purposes carried out by other research departments, or the DoAT.

Public Outreach
Department Foremen: Site-300's Administration
Description: Focuses on carrying out diplomatic affairs with anomalous and non-anomalous organizations in order to avoid Veil-breaking events and phenomena from occurring as a result of discovery of the other side of the Veil.
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