Secure Facility Dossier: Site-87
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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Research and Containment Site-87

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Sloth's Pit Research and Containment Facility

Site Identification Code: USWISP-Site-87

General Information

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Site Function: Nx-18 research and containment, Nexological research department headquarters, Pataphysics department headquarters, Multi-universal transit center.

Founded: September ##, 1976

Founding Director: Dr. Gregory Westphalen

Location:Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin

Cover Story: S & C Plastics manufacturing facilities

Size: Aproximately 2.9 KM2 in land area.

Site Overview

All floorsof Site-87, with the exeption of Sublevel-14, contain a breakrom, restrooms, intercom booth, security station, emergency bunkers, and acces to sall-arms available to personnel with weapon passes.

Ground Level 4

  • S & C Plastics administrative facilities.

Ground Level 3

  • S & C Plastics manufacturing

Ground Level 2

  • S & C Plastics manufacturing
  • S & C Plastics storage

Ground Level 1

  • Reception and entrance
  • Item intake
  • Greenhouse


  • MTF-Sigma-10 barracks
  • Armory
  • Firing range


  • Administration
  • Directors Office
  • Accounting Department
  • Liaison Offices


  • Residential Area's, capable of housing 1000 personnel at any given time.
  • Weight and Cardio Room
  • 2 Rec rooms
  • 3 Auditoriums
  • Cafeteria


  • Mundane and paratechnological equipment storage
  • Spare furniture storage


  • Esoteric Studies
  • Theology
  • Thaumaturgy
  • Memetics
  • Metaphysics
  • Pataphysics
  • Thaumaturgical Containment
  • Conceptual Containment


  • Medical bay.


  • Site-87 SCPFN servers
    • EUCLID CHALLICE narrative generation procedures.
    • Pataphysics webcrawler sub-network.


  • Anomalous waste storage treatment
  • Auxillary storage


  • Electrical power generators.


  • Miscellaneous anomaly containment
  • Iota-0 base
  • SCP-3059 containment


  • Multi-Universal Transit Array
  • Auxiliary dormitories
  • Storage for extradimensional items.


  • Maintenance Sector
  • Redundant Power Generators
  • Boilers
  • small-payload Penzance Device


  • Non-existent due to the affects of Nx-18


  • High-Level Containment Cells

Staffing Information

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Asst. Site Director: Dr. Nina Weiss

Asst. Director of Task Forces: Dr. Penelope Panagiotopolous

Asst. Director of Finance: James Halloran

Extra-Universal Affairs Liaison: Tristan Bailey

On-Site Personnel:

    Department Heads: 15

    Staff Doctors: 43

    Staff Researchers: 478

    Administrative Personnel: 7

    Maintenance or Janitorial: 110

    Security Personnel: 247

    Other: 12

Noteable On-Site departments



Chair: Dr. Placeholder McDoctorate
Write the story of your life

Sloth's Pit

see 'Introduction To Pataphysics'1 and the Narrative Anomaly Classification guide for more details.



Chair: Dr. Katharine Sinclair
Magic is real

Nexus Affairs


Chief: Philip Verhoten
Don't look, don't touch.


On-Site Task-Forces

MTF-Sigma-10 "The Sloth's Arm"

Pataphysical logo.

MTF-Σ-10 is the task force dedicated to managing affairs in Sloth's Pit, and is the primary task force of Site-87.

MTF-Iota-0 "NN"

Pataphysical logo.

MTF-Ι-0 is a task fore dedicated to regulating the narrative structure of reality to ensure it conforms with Foundation. Assets are actualized through SCP-826 under Procedure-Kuzco-Bueller. For further details on MTF-Ι-0, see Operation ÓverMeta documentation.

Anomalies Under the Jurisdiction of Site-87

ID Number Containment Class
SCP-001-IHP Archon
SCP-423 Safe
SCP-582 Keter
SCP-826 Safe
SCP-1893 Euclid
SCP-CN-1954 Euclid
SCP-2614 Euclid
SCP-2747 Keter
SCP-2753 Keter
SCP-2786 Keter
SCP-2916 Euclid
SCP-3059 Euclid
SCP-3145 Euclid
SCP-3167 Keter
SCP-3309 Thaumiel
SCP-3500 Keter
SCP-3601 Neutralized
SCP-3692 Safe
SCP-3773 Safe
SCP-3775 Keter
SCP-3939 Neutralized
SCP-3999 Neutralized
SCP-4010 Keter
SCP-4028 Keter
SCP-4040 Keter
SCP-4410 Keter
SCP-4413 Neutralized
SCP-4455 Keter
SCP-4683 Euclid
SCP-5040 Euclid
SCP-5309 Neutralized
SCP-5466 Safe
SCP-5500 Apollyon
SCP-5667 Keter
SCP-5875 Euclid
SCP-6406 Keter
SCP-64862 Safe
SCP-6500 Finalis
SCP-6747 Thaumiel
SCP-6787 Safe

Notable Containment Incidents

SCP-6488's shutdown initiates a multitude of artificial intelligence containment breaches, leading to the ███X-MCD/II ("Paradox Exodus Engine") being commandeered by an unknown entity.

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